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Our little party boy Oscar arrived bright and early on New Years Eve. Of all the days he could have arrived through the holiday season thanks to our kinda poor due date planning, I think he picked the best option! He’ll always have fireworks and a bunch of people excited to party with him.

My friend Jenn is an amazing birth photographer. Though my second birth experience wasn’t nearly as wild and progressed more “normally” than the first, it was still super fast. [really, an unexciting, uneventful birth is a good thing…] Jenn didn’t make it in time [from Calgary] for the labour and delivery. But she did show up right before Adam brought Morris to meet baby brother Oscar for the first time. This set of images will likely be some of the most treasured in our family over the years. 

So, so much thanks to our neighbour Charlotte for rushing over at 2:30am to be with Morris. Charlotte also has the tendency to give birth very fast…so she understood the urgency when we called her in the wee hours that morning! And equal gratitude to my parents who hit the road to Canmore bright and early to welcome Oscar and care for Mo while we were in the hospital. Our little family of four got off to a pretty great start!


Oh, our poor second son. I introduced Morris around here one week after his arrival back in 2014. Oscar hit the seven week mark yesterday. Seven weeks, I think? I could tell you exactly how many weeks & days Morris was pretty much on any given day for his entire first year. I was so committed to taking and editing family photos in Morris’ early days.

Little Oscar, the fact I sometimes lose track of your weeks & days and even though I’ve hardly uploaded any of the photos since your arrival is no indication that you are loved and admired any less than Morris has been for the past two years. In fact, the complete opposite. While it’s true I’ve found myself pretty busy continuing to keep up with your full-of-life older sibling between newborn tasks…I’ve also been soaking up every single chance to get to know you. And I have to say, I think it’s paid off. You are giving us so many incredible smiles this week! Your wonderful big brother just adores you, Little O, I can’t begin to put into words just how happy this makes me. You seriously fit right into our family perfectly. You need me so much more than Morris ever did and I need you in such a different way than I ever needed him too. I’m so excited to get to know you more and more each day and watch the bond between you and Mo grow over the years.

The reality is, I likely won’t be sharing a whole lot around here for a while yet but you can bet my mum-with-an-iPhone habit is as strong as ever over on Instagram. Is it just me or is my life friggin’ hilarious some days? Probably just me…I’m currently running on an incredibly reduced sleep schedule.


The #obnoxiouschristmasmum came to town early this year! We headed out for our annual tree hunt before December 1. YEESH. In my defence though, I want to enjoy the festive season as much as possible early on, just in case Baby D2.0 makes an early arrival. [I’m not counting on it…but it seems as though most of my second time mum friends have been giving birth well before their due date! ACK.] My plan is to have this joint cleaned up and de-Christmasfied by the 26th or 27th. As much as I adore this time of year, I want the [cheerful] clutter out of here before Oscar shows up on the scene.

Can we chat about just how much fun the holidays are with an enthusiastic kiddo? Morris grasped the concept of Santa Claus really quickly and he’s totally caught on to his advent calendar each morning. I was able to keep him occupied with a cookie baking session for about an hour and a half after nap time yesterday! He has asked Santa for a train [he is fanatical about trains in EVERY aspect of his life these days] …which is incredibly convenient because the day prior I’d snagged some secondhand pieces to add to his existing set. Yep…Santa has no shame in bringing previously-loved toys to this house.

Anyhow, here is this year’s tree hunt. We were lucky to have some houseguests in town who just happen to be pretty crafty with a camera meaning I didn’t have to rely on the self-timer + precariously balanced camera on a snowbank for the required cheesy snaps.

2015 ADVENT.

Slowly, we are building a few traditions into our Christmas season. I started a craft-beer-a-day gift for Adam back in 2013 and pulled it together again last year […click on that link for a ridiculously cute Mo-flashback!]  

We don’t do much for gifts to each other on Christmas day, but I know trying good, new beer is something that Adam loves. I’m pretty sure this effort and expense is appreciated by my wonderful, hard-working huz.

It was only fair to get Morris in on the action this year. He gets a wee little trinket, colouring supplies or a note with an activity for us to do together each day.

I’m REALLY not into more “stuff” around here…but this haul was only about $5 from the thrift store. Most of the bits and pieces I chose with the intent that they will get tossed in the backpack to keep him entertained […and likely left behind along the way!] at appointments, coffee dates, etc.